August 2023 Newsletter

Import or Link to MS Project Overview

Check out this video where we cover most of the options for linking your MS Project file over to a Milestones Professional schedule.

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August 2023 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for August 2023

Thicker outline for a symbol
I want a thicker line around my diamond symbol.  How do I set this up?

Show curtains on top of grid lines / shading
I have several curtains on my schedule but they aren’t showing up on some of the rows.  It looks like they don’t appear when there is row shading.  How can I fix this?

Add date range shading (curtains) to individual task rows
I know how to set up curtains for a schedule, to shade a date range.  How can I shade only certain task rows?

Customize task cells
I want to color the individual entries in my main column.  How is this done?

Add multiple milestones on different levels
How do I stack more than one timeline on the same row? When I create it centers in the middle of the row and I can’t move it.  I want to show, develop, design, test, etc. all on the same row. The dates overlap each other. When I try to create a separate timeline it lays on top of the previous one.

Appendix instead of Page
Can Milestones display the page numbering other than with the word “Page”? When I include a Milestones schedule in my report, it is in the appendix. Thus, I would like the pagination to say “Appendix” instead of “Page.”

Working remotely
I started working remotely last month.  Can I use my Milestones license on my personal laptop?

What is the red line which zig zags down my schedule?
What is the red line which seems to go in and out from the current date line?

Want a different triangle shape
Is it possible to get a different triangle symbol?  I see there are several to choose from but I have a specific requirement.

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for August 2023

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