October 2021 Newsletter

Video: Basics Training in Milestones Professional (part 2/2)

Here is part 2 of the Basics Training for Milestones Professional 2021. In part 2 of our Basics training course, I talk about the Toolbox, setting up Symbols and Bars, adding them to the schedule, changing the background of rows, Symbol Text, Symbol Notes, and Exporting and Saving your schedule.
Of course these videos are not interactive (where you could ask the trainer questions), but it’s a great way to get a nice overview of Milestones Professional.
See the video:

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October 2021 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for October 2021

Adjust the position of symbol within a task row to relieve crowding
Symbols on a task row are close together, if not on top of each other. How can I display them better?

Assign specific text to a toolbox symbol
Is there any way that I can assign each toolbox symbol to have a specific letter or string of text to it or to include the task name next to each symbol automatically so I don’t have to do it manually?

Add a percent complete symbol in a column
How do I add a percent complete symbol to a column?

Change the start and end dates for a schedule
Right now my schedule only shows 3 months. I want it to include all the months in the current year. How is this done?

Choose default symbols and bar to use for summary tasks
I want to change the symbols used for the summary bars. How do I do this?

Need to do a detailed 1-wk schedule
I need to present a chart showing work performed on a project over the course of a week. I need to set up more than one entry per day per line. I would like to be able to schedule work in 15 – 30 min increments. Is there any way to accomplish this with your software ?

Hide time in date columns
I only want to show the date in the Start and End date columns. Right now, I see the date plus the time. Is there a way to hide the time?

Hide calendar icons
All of my date columns display small calendar icons. Is there a way to remove these?

Hide several task rows in a single operation
I know how to hide a single task. Is there a way to hide several tasks in a single operation?

Change the shape of a symbol based on status
I would like a symbol to change both color and shape when it’s completed. Is this possible?

Bars not filling in
I imported my Microsoft Project schedule into Milestones Professional. I want the bars to fill to the status date. Most of them don’t do this. Why not?

Automation interface to Milestones
Is there a VBA or Visual Basic interface for Milestones? I use VBA to perform automation from PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Project and it would be useful if I could access Milestones Professional similarly.

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for October 2021

Upgrade to Milestones Professional 2021

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For anyone interested, there’s a free Milestones Professional user group on LinkedIn you can join to share best practices, network with other users, and maybe learn some tips along the way from other experienced Milestones users. To join, head over to the following website and click Join: https://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=6796817

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