June 2021 Newsletter

Article: Create Presentation Reports for Microsoft Project

KIDASA Software’s Milestones Professional offers a direct interface to Microsoft Project, making it easy to generate presentation report formats beyond the standard formats offered by Microsoft Project. Build a schedule using one of Milestones many built-in templates or build one “free-hand” and link it back to Project. Either way, the schedule can be “refreshed” or updated when the Project dates change.

With Milestones Professional’s interface to Microsoft Project, you can:

  • Use a simple wizard to choose how to present your Microsoft Project schedules.
  • Create custom Project import templates and add them to the wizard.
  • Keep presentation schedules up-to-date using “refresh.”  Update a single Milestones presentation schedule from one Microsoft Project schedule or from several.
  • Easily add new Project tasks to the Milestones schedule.  Add them in one at a time or as a group.

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June 2021 Tips and Tricks

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Add a tag to a symbol
I added a symbol to my schedule and want to link it to Microsoft Project. What’s the easiest way?

Link to active MS Project task problem
I am using the Link to Active MS Project task feature to link a symbol to a task in Microsoft Project. However, when I select Start date, the symbol is being tagged with the finish date.

Eliminate box and fill around symbol text
Some of the text on my schedule is surrounded by a box and fill. I would like to get rid of this.

Show a slip to baseline with a milestone symbol
Can a “milestone symbol” be baselined? I know task bars can but I couldn’t figure out how to baseline a symbol. I have a schedule that is made of symbols only (no task bars)– how can I show a slip to one of the symbols?

Overlay one bar on another bar
Is it possible to overlay one bar from the “Combo Toolbox” on top of a different bar from the “Combo Toolbox”?

Blank symbol in the toolbox
I am sharing my schedule with others. However, when I share the schedule, all of my custom bitmap symbols are missing and show up as blank symbols in the toolbox.

Non-graphical copy and paste
Can Milestones create non-graphical reports, such as a summary of tasks and their due dates? That is, how can I transfer information from a Milestones schedule (column information, schedule title, symbol dates, etc.) into the columns and cells of a spreadsheet?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for June 2021

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