October 2023 Newsletter

Milestones Professional ValueSet Type 4: Values from Symbols

Did you know you can add DataGraphs to the bottom of your Milestones Professional Schedule?

In this video, we cover one of the types of ValueSets that you can graph, ValueSet 4 (where you can assign values to symbols).

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October 2023 Tips and Tricks

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Show baseline dates without showing baseline symbols
Is it possible to display baseline fields in the schedule’s columns but not show the baseline symbols and bars in the Gantt chart?

Show date and text on same line for a symbol
I have a few symbols on my schedule for which I would like to display both the start date AND the text on the same line on the left side of the symbol.  Is there a way to combine the symbol text and the date?

Vertical connectors on a multi-page schedule
My schedule has many vertical connectors, connecting dates across pages.  When I look at the connectors, it’s often challenging to determine which page they are connected to.  Is there anything I can do to make this easier?

Multiple legend rows
I would like to have a legend with multiple rows and 4 entries per row. How do I add a 2nd or 3rd row in the legend?

Move a symbol and keep the same date
When I move symbols to another task row, the dates changes.  I want the dates to stay the same when the symbols are rearranged on the schedule.  Is there a way to make them stick to their original date?

Insert page breaks
I need a couple of page breaks in my schedule so that I can have a couple of short pages.  Is this possible?

Flag tasks that are nearing completion
How can I display symbols in a column to indicate which tasks are, for example, 50%, 75%, 90% complete?  I want to show which tasks are complete, which ones haven’t started and so on.

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for October 2023

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