System Requirements for Milestones Professional and Milestones Simplicity

On which operating systems will Milestones software run?
Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later.
For use on Macintosh, you would need to run a Windows emulator, like Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion.

What are other system requirements?
Any computer which can run the above operating systems will be able to run Milestones software.

To access the tutorials inside the software, you will need a PDF reader installed on your computer. There is a free PDF reader available at

Admin rights are needed to install the Milestones software. User level rights are all that is required to operate the software once installed.

How much disk space is required?
210 MB for Milestones Professional
85 MB for Milestones Simplicity
20 MB for the Milestones Viewer

Using Milestones Professional with Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project is not required to be installed to use the Milestones Professional software. Microsoft Project is only required if you wish to import data from or refresh data from an MS Project file or MS Project Server file. Milestones Professional officially supports Microsoft Project versions 2007 and newer (this includes Project 2010, Project 2013, and Project 2016 as of this writing).

Internet Availability
Access to the Internet is not required for Milestones to function. Certain user initiated optional functions within Milestones, such as some items in the Help menu, as well as other places in the program, will attempt to access the Internet either directly, or via a browser launch. If site policies or the firewall at your site prevent this, then a system administrator at your site may have to add Milestones to an exception list if you want the above features to operate. All of these Internet access features are optional and are not crucial to the functioning of the software. All of the above functions can also be done by directly accessing the KIDASA web site via a browser. Milestones never attempts to access the Internet on its own. All Internet access attempts are the result of the user requesting it via a menu or button press.

Mail Program
Access to your mail program or mail server is not required for Milestones to function. Certain features in Milestones, such as the ability to send Milestones files by clicking on the Send option in the File menu or by triggering an import or export of data from or to Outlook may require a system administrator at your site to alter settings within Outlook or to alter company policies regarding third party access to Outlook or email data. Milestones has no way of circumventing your own site mail or file access settings. Milestones files can easily be attached to an email message using the Attach File option in your email program, thus even if your site file or email access policies prevent the Send button from functioning you can still email schedules.