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See some examples of schedules created with Milestones Professional.

What is Milestones Professional?

Milestones Professional is a project scheduling and management tool, which can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Project, Excel, Oracle Primavera, and more:

Make Presentation Reports in minutes

We understand that when you manage and schedule complex projects you need software that’s powerful, fast, and extremely easy to use. Which is why we created Milestones Professional.

You see, Milestones is project management and scheduling software that lets you organize your projects, create timelines, sell your ideas, streamline your work, and track results. All more easily than you ever dreamed possible!

Create persuasive presentation reports for Microsoft Project!

The nice thing about Milestones Professional is that it can make you a hero.

That’s right. When you put the power of Milestones to work, you’ll transform Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server, or even Primavera schedules into attractive, persuasive, executive-level presentation reports that get noticed. And get you noticed!

And don’t worry about making changes to your schedules. When your project schedules change (which they often do!), you can choose to “refresh” the presentation schedule with the latest dates from Microsoft Project or Primavera.

Finally, get “at a glance” reporting

With Milestones Professional, it’s easy to instantly get the “big picture” and see how your project is progressing.

Thanks to Milestones’ stoplight indicators, percent-complete pie charts, and status symbols, you’ll see “at a glance” the exact status of your project. At last you’ll be where you’ve always wanted to be. In complete control of your project!

Create crystal-clear, single-page presentation reports

There are times when you want to make a presentation that’s short, to the point, and conveys crucial information quickly.

That’s when Milestones Professional comes in handy. You see, Milestones makes it easy to communicate a lot of vital information all on a single page.

We’re talking about integrated master schedules, swim lane reports, “birds on a wire” reports, and much more!

Get instant access to present cost, earned value, and more

Earned Value Management is an extremely useful project management system that combines schedule and cost performance. It was designed to help you answer the important question:

“What did we get for the money we spent?”
Milestones Professional can give you the answer. Fast. You see, Milestones can add costs, calculate earned value, and present these and other important numbers in a variety of handy formats.

Share Your Reports with a Single Click

Good news! Milestones Professional offers many ways for you to quickly and easily share your reports.

Milestones lets you …

  • Create a PDF of your report and share it with a click of your mouse.
  • Send the actual schedule to a colleague. (They can view it easily with our Free Milestones Viewer!)
  • Save your schedule as an HTML page (which can include hyperlinks to other schedules). You can then share the HTML page with anyone you like.

See some Example Schedules

We have a lot of example schedules on our website – see what kind of output is possible with Milestones Simplicity.

Compare Our Software

Compare Milestones Professional to Milestones Simplicity, and other competing products currently on the market.

Download a Free Trial

Check out Milestones Professional yourself – the only limit is your imagination (and 20 file saves)!

What others say about Milestones Professional

Thanks – and thanks for all the wonderful support – the more we learn to use your product, the more we like!

Mgr., Planning, Scheduling and EVMSAerospace Company

I would just like to comment on how impressed I have been with your operations.I have been in the IT industry for over 15 years and can’t think of any company, regardless of size or product, that is as consistent and focused on product support and improvement.

Project PlannerAerospace Company

I have some folks from another large company coming to our office next week to see how we are using Milestones Professional to create the cross-project links report. The report has been well-received internally here at Alliant Energy. Am also giving a demo on the same topic at our Madison chapter of MPUG (Microsoft Project Users Group) in the near future. So, you might be getting more business from others in this area.

Office of Project ManagementAlliant Energy

Thank you for your prompt reply. I’m very impressed with KIDASA’s product support. It reflects well on your company.

Project Planning DivisionAerospace Company