March 2022 Newsletter

Video: Append Tasks during MS Project Refresh

Learn how to append tasks when you Refresh your schedule from MS Project.

You can also use a Flag field to limit which tasks get appended, and you can use a Number field to tell Milestones which row to place the task on.

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March and February 2022 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for February 2022 and also the Tips and Tricks for March 2022

Is there a way to change the height of a row using Milestones Professional Automation?

I am trying to show symbols above a bar, like this example.  Can you tell me what the trick is?

How many vertical links can start from a single symbol?

We use milestones for schedules and also for machine timing charts. When doing timing charts, we usually use 1 day as equal to 1 second. When cycles are really short, then we use 1 day equal to 1 millisecond, so 1000 days is equal to 1 second. We have a header type (within Date Headings Dialog Box) of Daily 1,2,…30, 31,32,33… Even though the frequency settings allows entry of numbers above 60, it seems to not change anything on the header. So the time breakup in header for frequency of any value above 60 is always 0—-60—120—180…… and is not readable due to everything running together. Is there a way to change this so that the header is 0–250—500—750—1000?

My coworkers still have Milestones Professional 2019 and I need to share my schedule with them.  How do I do this?  I have version 2021.

I have a schedule I am importing from Microsoft Project.  Each time we do a delivery we have a task in Microsoft Project which has the word delivery.  I would like to create a schedule which displays the delivery dates and also shows the total number of deliveries per month.  Is anything like this possible?

When I use the curtain/shading option, certain tasks are omitted from the shading, why is this?

How can I move a group of symbols about 2 months to the right all at the same time?

I am using Milestones Professional to build a chart for our management.  The task bars I am inserting (which should be solid) have a white stripe through the middle of them.  Here’s a picture.

 I need to display custom header and footer information on all pages of my schedule.  Is this possible?

I have the Symbols: Fill to Status Date and Bars: Fill to Status Date options toggled on.  However, it is not working. What could be disabling this feature?

I want my symbol to look like this.  Is it possible?

I want to remove all of the baseline symbols and status symbols on my schedule. Is there an easy way to do this?

I need to create a data graph with both bars and lines on the same DataGraph area.   It appears that DataGraphs  can either be bar graphs or line graphs, but not a mix.    Suggestions?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for February 2022 and also the Tips and Tricks for March 2022

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