May 2017 Newsletter

Video: FreeForm Text

Check out our video on using FreeForm Text in Milestones Professional 2017. We’ve added a couple new features to FreeForm text, so check out this short tutorial which shows how to use FreeForm text, as well as shows off the great new features.

Upgrade to Milestones Professional 2017

Click here to Upgrade to Milestones Professional 2017 for only $149 (if you already own any version of Milestones Professional).

To see what has changed, check out our “What’s New in Milestones Professional 2017” page.

May 2017 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for May 2017

Show date and text on one line with two colors
I want to show the date on a symbol along with some text in a different color. It should show the date along with the stage of the project. For example: 3/20/2017 – (Stage 4). I’m trying to do this as a symbol note. It seems I can only change the color for each line of text though. Any ideas?

Clear all symbols within a date range
I have a horizontal year-by-year listing of events for the next five years. I want to get rid of events (symbols) I scheduled in one year without clearing the other years’ symbols. How can I do this?

Coded symbols and bars
I am creating a presentation schedule from Microsoft Project and would like to use the Coded Symbols and Bars format. Can I get an example of how that works?

Can’t see vertical links
I have a schedule with quite a few overlapping vertical links and it’s very difficult to determine which symbols are connected. Any suggestions?

Working with Excel
What are the various ways that Milestones Professional interacts with Excel?

Collapse expand indicators questions answered
I would like to have the summary bar line up with the rolled up symbols from below. How can I change the color of the roll-up triangle?

What can affect Fill to Status Date?
I have the Symbols: Fill to Status Date and Bars: Fill to Status Date options toggled on. However, it is not working. What could be disabling this feature?

View Options: Zoom
How can I “zoom in” to see more detail on a schedule?

Vertical Heading
I am trying to change the column header text in some of my columns to be rotated 90. I know it can be done because one of my associates was able to do it.

View Options: Continuous View
I have a large schedule that I need to easily scroll through while viewing the columns at the same time. What are my options?

View Options: Presenting a list of schedules
How can I present a series of schedules that are not necessarily related in format?

Work with dense schedules
I am trying to move and better organize the symbols and symbol text on in my schedule, which is very crowded. Do you have any suggestions?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for May 2017

Join the Milestones Professional Users LinkedIn Group

For anyone interested, there’s a free Milestones Professional user group on LinkedIn you can join to share best practices, network with other users, and maybe learn some tips along the way from other experienced Milestones users.

To join, head over to the following website and click Join:

Note: This user group is an unofficial group run by Milestones software users, and is not managed by KIDASA Software, Inc. A free LinkedIn account is required to join the group.